Promete Cave

Prometheus" cave is one of the richest caves of Europe. It is characterized by the variety of underground rivers and beautiful landscapes. Walking route for tourists is 1060 m. Near the main entrance about 60 metres long there is a lake . the cave itself is very breathtaking with its specious architectural halls, which are 16 of them and each one is distinct by scales and unsurpassed shape .Promete cave is one of the richest with its space, variety and underground rivers and landscape. The part of the route is passed by boat

Guide of Sweden

Tamar Dalakishvili

Hello, I am Tamar Dalakishvili , 20 years old, I study at TSMU, faculty of medicine. I am going to be your guide during the time of International Chemistry Olympiad. I am very happy to have a possibility of accompanying you and being part of your Georgian life! As a schoolgirl I used to take part in different competitions, so your excitement and emotions are very close to me and I'd be happy to share them with you. The other reason why I am very happy to be part of this project is that I am interested in communication with different types of people, who have different interests and cultural basis. Besides, I am the member of Students' Scientific Society of TSMU, so I am kind of close to science, as my field of studying is medicine, for me it is pleasure to meet young, motivated and active people who also are interested in scientific development. I enjoy spending my free time with friends and family. I like watching good movies and listening to music. I am also fond of dancing! I take dance classes twice a week, for me it is the best way to rest . Being a part of this huge event is another challenge for me. I want to congratulate you, as you are one of the few students who are able to be participant of this huge event! Welcome to Georgia! One of the most beautiful and hospitable countries in the world. Hopefully, here you will make unforgettable memories of your life!