Promete Cave

Prometheus" cave is one of the richest caves of Europe. It is characterized by the variety of underground rivers and beautiful landscapes. Walking route for tourists is 1060 m. Near the main entrance about 60 metres long there is a lake . the cave itself is very breathtaking with its specious architectural halls, which are 16 of them and each one is distinct by scales and unsurpassed shape .Promete cave is one of the richest with its space, variety and underground rivers and landscape. The part of the route is passed by boat

Guide of Czech Republic

Natia Tchotchua

The warmest regards from Georgia! I am Natia and I will be your guide at the International Chemistry Olympiad. I am 21 years old and studying psychology at Tbilisi State University. Beside that I have a lot of interests, including: photographing with my old film camera “Zenit”, dancing, cycling, travelling, observing on people and so on. I am an optimist and a very sociable person. I hope that we will get on well, make friends and have fun together.

Tbilisi is my native city and I love it very much. Many reasons can stand for this; especially I would like to emphasize the atmosphere of my city which I am sure will attract you greatly. Wish you all good luck during the Olympiad and hope that you will be fascinated by our county, its culture, people, cuisine and many other interesting layers of our life. See you soon at the Olympiad and do your best!