Gudauri is a ski resort located on the southern slopes of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. The resort is situated in the Stepantsminda District, along the Georgian Military Highway near the Cross Pass, at an elevation of 2,196 meters (7,200 ft.) above sea level. Gudauri lies 120 km (75 mi) to the north of the capital Tbilisi. The trip from Tbilisi to Gudauri usually takes two hours by car. The resort offers high quality skiing opportunities. The slopes of Gudauri are completely above the tree line and are best for free-riders and are generally considered to be avalanche-safe. The ski season lasts from December to April


 The 47th IChO was held in Baku, Azerbaijan, July 20–29, 2015.

Vietnam  The 46th IChO was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, July 20–29, 2014.

Russia The 45th IChO was held in Moscow, Russia, July 15–24, 2013.

United States The 44th IChO was held in Washington, D.C., United States, July 21–30, 2012.

Turkey The 43rd IChO was held in Ankara, Turkey, July 9–18, 2011.

Japan The 42nd IChO was held in Tokyo, Japan, July 19–28, 2010.

United Kingdom The 41st IChO was held in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom July 18–27, 2009.

Hungary The 40th IChO was held in Budapest, Hungary, July 12–21, 2008.

Russia The 39th IChO was held in Moscow, Russia, July 15–24, 2007.

South Korea The 38th IChO was held in Gyeongsan, South Korea, July 1–11, 2006.

Taiwan The 37th IChO was held in Taipei, Taiwan, July 16–25, 2005.

Germany The 36th IChO was held in Kiel, Germany, July 18–27, 2004.

Greece The 35th IChO was held in Athens, Greece, July 5–14, 2003.

Netherlands The 34th IChO was held in Groningen, Netherlands, July 5–14, 2002.

India The 33rd IChO was held in Mumbai, India, July 6–15, 2001.

Denmark The 32nd IChO was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, July 2–11, 2000.

Thailand The 31st IChO was held in Bangkok, Thailand, July 4–11, 1999.

Australia The 30th IChO was held in Melbourne, Australia, July 5–14, 1998.

Canada The 29th IChO was held in Montreal, Canada July 13–22, 1997.

Russia The 28th IChO was held in Moscow, Russia, July 14–23, 1996.

China The 27th IChO was held in Beijing, China, July 13–20, 1995.

Norway The 26th IChO was held in Oslo, Norway, July 3–11, 1994.

Italy The 25th IChO was held in Perugia, Italy, July 11–22, 1993.

United States The 24th IChO was held in Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C., United States, July 11–22, 1992.

Poland The 23rd IChO was held in Lodz, Poland, July 7–15, 1991.

France The 22nd IChO was held in Paris, France, July 8–17, 1990.

East Germany The 21st IChO was held in Halle, East Germany, July 2–10, 1989.

Finland The 20th IChO was held in Espoo, Finland, July 2–9, 1988.

Hungary The 19th IChO was held in Veszprem, Hungary, July 6–15, 1987.

Netherlands The 18th IChO was held in Leiden, Netherlands, July 6–15, 1986.

Czechoslovakia The 17th IChO was held in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, July 1–8, 1985.

Germany The 16th IChO was held in Frankfurt, West Germany, July 1–10, 1984.

Romania The 15th IChO was held in Timisoara, Romania, July 2–11, 1983.

Sweden The 14th IChO was held in Stockholm, Sweden, July 3–12, 1982.

Bulgaria The 13th IChO was held in Burgas, Bulgaria, July 13–23, 1981.

Austria The 12th IChO was held in Linz, Austria, July 13–23, 1980.

Soviet Union The 11th IChO was held in Leningrad, Soviet Union, July 2–11, 1979.

Poland The 10th IChO was held in Torun, Poland, July 3–13, 1978.

Czechoslovakia The 9th IChO was held in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, July 4–14, 1977.

East Germany The 8th IChO was held in Halle, East Germany, July 10–19, 1976.

Hungary The 7th IChO was held in Veszprem, Hungary, July 1–10, 1975.

Romania The 6th IChO was held in Bucharest, Romania, July 1–10, 1974.

Bulgaria The 5th IChO was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, July 1–10, 1973.

Soviet Union The 4th IChO was held in Moscow, Soviet Union, July 1–10, 1972.

          The IChO was not held in 1971.

Hungary The 3rd IChO was held in Budapest, Hungary, July 1–5, 1970.

Poland The 2nd IChO was held in Katowice, Poland, June 16–20, 1969.

Czechoslovakia The 1st IChO was held in Prague, Czechoslovakia June 18–21, 1968.