Kazbegi (Stepantsminda)

Kazbegi town, now renamed Stephantsminda, is located at the foot of majestic Mount Kazbek is the center of the Kazbegi Municipality and is located at an altitude of 1744 meters. Mount Kazbek is one of the highest peaks in the entire Caucasus. Here you will find picturesque mountains covered with eternal snow, valley glaciers, coniferous and deciduous forests, mountain streams, lakes, mineral waters, great beautiful waterfalls and of course pure clear air!


The competition tasks from the past International Chemistry Olympiads (1968 – 2013) are compiled in the publication:
"THE COMPETITION PROBLEMS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL CHEMISTRY OLYMPIADS" Editor: Anton Sirota, Issued by IChO International Information Centre and IUVENTA, Bratislava, Slovakia" (in three volumes):

Volume 1, 1st – 20th IChO,
1968 – 1988,
405 pp. (pdf, 4.3MB)
Volume 2, 21th– 40th IChO,
734 pp. (pdf, 9MB)
Volume 3, 41th – 47th IChO,
734 pp. (pdf, 9MB)
Best tasks
(pdf, 120KB)

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