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In ancient geography, Colchis or Kolkhis was an ancient Georgian state kingdom and region in Western Georgia, which played an important role in the ethnic and cultural formation of the Georgian nation. The Kingdom of Colchis contributed significantly to the development of medieval Georgian statehood after its unification with the eastern Georgian Kingdom of Iberia.

On the photo: Lion figurine, Gold, height 4.1 cm. Found in Kakheti, Tsnori. Period: Second half of the 3rd millennium B.C


12 May 2016 | Visit of SC members oh the IChO: 2-nd Day

The elected members of SC of the IChO Alexandr Gladilin (Russia, 2015), Duckhwan Lee (Korea 2012), Gabor Magyarfalvi (chair, Hungary, 2012) and ex-officio member Igrar Nazarov (Azerbaijan, 2015) together with representatives of host country Elizbar Elizbarashvili (main organizer), Gia Khatisashvili (co-chair, scientific committee), Kakha Didebulidze, Revaz Korashvili and Natia Ochkhikidze (executive secretary) visited Agricultural University of Georgia for laboratory inspection.

Detail scheduler of the Olympiad as well as pre-Olympiad organizational subjects were discussed.

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