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In ancient geography, Colchis or Kolkhis was an ancient Georgian state kingdom and region in Western Georgia, which played an important role in the ethnic and cultural formation of the Georgian nation. The Kingdom of Colchis contributed significantly to the development of medieval Georgian statehood after its unification with the eastern Georgian Kingdom of Iberia.

On the photo: Lion figurine, Gold, height 4.1 cm. Found in Kakheti, Tsnori. Period: Second half of the 3rd millennium B.C


06 April 2016 | Memory letter: Wolfgang Hampe

It seems to be unbelievable, at least for those who attended the IChO for the last three decades. Wolfgang Hampe died on March 22nd, this year.

Born in Görlitz (the easternmost town in Germany) in 1939, he worked as a High School teacher at a Gymnasium in Kiel until his retirement. From 1983 until 2012 he was part of the IChO community. In 1984 he already acted as a member of the organizing committee of the ICHO in Frankfurt, 2004 he more or less was the heart of the IChO in Kiel.

He participated as mentor or head mentor of the German team in every IChO between 1984 and 2012. From 2003 until 2012 he was a member of the Steering Committee of the ICHO.

Wolfgang Hampe was more than mentor, head mentor or participant in the Olympiad. He was one of the most respectable, sophisticated, fair, polite, helpful, and amiable man I have ever had the privilege to meet. As it is with great people he was also truly humble, and, most important, he was a true friend.

Wolfgang has left us, which is still hard for us to understand, but he will stay in our hearts forever.

Manfred Kerschbaumer